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Ground Equipment


Oil bucket
Designation: ОСТ1 10885-73
Measuring bucket OCT 110892-73 is intended for carrying oil, fuel, hydraulic fluids when performing scheduled maintenance and repair works.

Trolley for engine transportation
Designation: 8АТ-9802.000
Trolley is intended for TB2-117 and TB3-117 engines transportation with maximum speed of 6 km/h, as well as for their preliminary adjustment.

Designation: 8АТ-9931-00-3 ; 8AT.9931.00-5
This container is intended for storage and transportation of ground servicing equipment.

Multipurpose ladder
Designation: 8АТ-9917.000
Ladder is intended for helicopter maintenance. It consists of main part and two additional sections.

Step-ladder for inspection of main and tail rotor blades
Designation: 8АТ-9919.000
Step-ladder is intended for inspection and maintenance of main and tail rotor blades.

Unit for aircraft fire extinguisher charging
Designation: УЗФ-02
This unit is intended for charging the aircraft fire extinguishers of 1-2, 1-4, 2-8, 2-16 type.

Wheel tyre puller
Designation: СШ 04.000
Wheel tyre puller СШ04.000 is intended for removal of tyres of nose and main landing gear wheels of Mi-8 helicopter.

Forest fire rappel device
Designation: SU-R
"Forest fire rappel device SU-R" TU 56-168-80, designed for workers runs Avialesookhrana and goods to places of forest fires from helicopters in the hover at heights up to 45 m.
     The crews of helicopters for flight-related performance of work on slopes troopers and fire, hereinafter - the "commandos", with a device SU-R should follow the relevant sections of the "Flight Manual" Mi-8 helicopter and its modifications. Employees Avialesookhrana engaged in fulfillment of descents must be guided by the requirements of this instruction and the requirements of NPDR.
     Slopes paratroopers and cargo with a device Su-F is allowed to perform at an ambient temperature of +45 ° to -25 ° C.

Oil filling funnel
Designation: ОСТ1 10892-73
Funnel with filter, flexible hose, clamp, clamp and tip, OCT 110892-73 is intended for filling the units with oil, fuel, hydraulic fluids when performing scheduled maintenance and repair works.

Designation: УПЭД-3
Flushing and preservation of air-gas channels of TB2-117A, TB3-117 engines for the purpose of their protection against corrosion in the course of operation of helicopters of Mi-8MT (Mi-17), Mi-8 and Mi-24 type in sea conditions.

Air starting unit
Designation: УЗ-1.00.000
The portable starting unit with independent drive is designed for TB3-117 engines starting without the use of an airborne auxiliary power unit.
To use this unit, it is necessary to implement some modifications in the helicopter: install an air connecting pipe and additional elements of electric system.

Designation: SPK-3
The SPK-3 special hydraulic wheel-mounted crane with telescope boom is intended for installation and removal of gearbox, engines, main and tail rotor hub, blades, special truss, tail rotor and other units (provided their weight and overall dimensions comply with specifications of crane).

Designation: ПЗ-01.00.000
This unit is intended for pressure servicing of helicopter hydraulic systems, Mi-8MTV helicopter cargo ramp hydraulic system, as well as for draining operating fluid from helicopter hydraulic systems, cargo ramp hydraulic system and air removal from cargo ramp hydraulic system.

Designation: AA0-1.00.000

Ground servicing unit AA0-1.00.000 is intended for ground maintenance of different types of helicopters (ANSAT, Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24 and others). This is a small-size, mobile, multifunctional unit mounted on trailer model c.tt02.00g.


Support for main gearbox
Designation: 8AT-9906.000

Support is intended for installation and removal of helicopter main gearbox.


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