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Module Medical Helicopter

Designation: ММВ.9520.000-03 (-04)

The double-place helicopter medical module is intended for application aboard the Mi-8MTV helicopter for the purpose of evacuation of two stretcher cases in case of emergency and rendering of qualified medical care using medical equipment included into the module set.
Main technical characteristics

(per ГОСТ 19705 Standard):
1. Voltage, V 27
2. Input current, maximum, A                                              50
3. Power consumed by medical equipment, maximum, W    1000
4. Power consumed by one medical module, maximum, W   1300
5. Number of oxygen bottles in СПКМ system, pcs 2
6. Oxygen bottle capacity, l 10
7. Oxygen bottle pressure, maximum, MPa (kgf/cm2) 15 (150)
8. Medically pure oxygen pressure in distributing sockets,  MPA (kgf/cm2) 0.45 (4.5)
9. Overall dimensions, mm:
MMB.9520.000-03 2385x850(1286)x1485
MMB.9520.000-04 2385x790(1286)x1485
10. Module weight (without medical equipment), kg, maximum:
MMB.9520.000-03 127
MMB.9520.000-04 127
11. Module weight (with medical equipment), kg, maximum:
MMB.9520.000-03 297
MMB.9520.000-04 297


- Accommodation of two stretcher cases;
- Arrangement of medical equipment in operating and transportation positions;
- Rendering of anesthetic and resuscitation care aboard the helicopter;
- Possibility of loading (unloading) on land-based vehicles using standard airfield ground maintenance means, as well as loading (unloading) into/from the airplane
- Medical equipment functional check out of the helicopter using external power source.


1. “Pulmonetic LTV-1000” or “Pulmonetic LTV-1200” Artificial pulmonary ventilation apparatus
2. “ZOLL M-series” defibrillator or “Weinmann Corpuls 3” defibrillation unit
3. “Shiller Argus Pro Life Care” monitor or “Weinmann Corpuls 3” monitoring system
4. “Weinmann Accuvac Rescue” Aspirator
5. “Weinmann Accuvac Basic” Aspirator
6. “Shiller AT 101” electrocardiograph
7. “Terumo TE-331” or “B.Braun” Syringe pump
8. “Terumo TE-171” or “B.Braun” Infusion pump
9. “Sahara Inline” heater
10. “Weinmann Life Base mini II” Artificial pulmonary ventilation apparatus
11. “Spencer Res-Q-Splint” Set of vacuum splints
12. “Spencer Jems” Set of cervical collars for adults and children
13. “Spencer Nexus” Vacuum mattress with pump
14. “Spencer Rock” Plastic spine board with straps
15. “Weinmann ULM Case Circulation” Handy case of emergency doctor
16. “Weinmann ULM Case II” Handy case of emergency doctor
17. “Weinmann Paramedic-Box” Handy case of emergency doctor
18. “Weinmann ULM Case System Baby” Handy case of emergency doctor
19. “Weinmann Rescue Pack” Handy case of emergency doctor
20. “KCT6” Heat-insulating container-bag
21. Medically pure oxygen bottle, 20l
22. “Criticare 503 DX” Pulsoxymeter

This list is given as recommendation and may be modified according to the contract.

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